To bridge the development gap between elderly care in Africa and the developed world through innovative, sensitive, & compassionate private sector driven solutions.
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Reports have it that, millions of our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters that have served the African continent in one capacity or the other die needlessly because of lack of care and support by the government of the individual countries they  served diligently.

Elderly care in Africa is nothing to write home about when compared with other continents. We are hypocritical in nature as we claim that, our culture reverences elders without real actions towards the protection and care for the elderly. From the taxi driver that shouts at the elderly man to “leave the road”, to the policeman that doesn't bother to protect them when in public places, to the government that have not passed any legislation towards elderly care and protection as well as the countless number of families that do not care for their retired parents, but dump them in the villages totally uncared for with visits occurring once a year; the level of hypocrisy Africa displays when it comes to elderly people is disheartening to say the least.

In this vein, it is obviously very important to encourage a shift in behavioural pattern, in order to forestall the unabated death of our heroes, fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters that had contributed in various capacities to our existence as Africans and the development of our societies.